13 Jul 2022 | Updated 29 Jul 2022 [culture]

Douglas Tuman to discuss Monero at Freedom Fest 2022 on July 14

MoneroTalk1 host Douglas Tuman2 was invited to discuss Monero on a main stage panel3 at Freedom Fest 20224 in Las Vegas, Nevada (The Mirage5 casino resort) on July 14 (11:35 AM - 12:00 PM PDT):

We will be running a table doing our usual — answering peoples Monero questions, dispelling Monero FUD, making Gratuitas coffees, and onboarding people to Monero on the spot by having them download Monero.com wallet and sending them $10 worth of Monero.6

Douglas will be on stage with the other The Price of Money3 panel members: Jo Jorgensen7 (President, People for Liberty), Mark Moss8 (Host, The Mark Moss Show) & Sean Worthington9 (CEO/Lead Scientist, RAIDATech).

To suggest discussion topics to Douglas for this event, post a comment in the announcement thread6.

Update 22/7/16: Monerotopia Ep.7410 from Freedom Fest 2022 was uploaded to the MoneroTalk channel.

Update 22/7/26: MoneroTalk episode featuring Mark Moss and Rich Checkan in now available11.

Update 22/7/29: Ááron Sepúlveda-Cué interview available on MoneroTalk channel12.

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