9 Jan 2022 [culture]

Douglas Tuman and Chad Thackray focus on Monero price in latest Monero Talk interview

Monero Talk1 host Douglas Tuman2 and analyst Chad Thackray3 focused on Monero price and its real value in the latest interview45:

[..] the value of a network scales with the value of the nodes, we could theoretically expect something like a 25x price increase given a 5x increase in the actual usage of the network (27:20)

[..] we were actually massively overvalued in the 2017 period because of all the hype, and now we’re returing to more of a parity, fair value. That would be my bias. (28:00)

The two analyze several XMR charts and discuss transparent ledgers, security, fungibility and auditability.

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