6 Nov 2021 [bounties]

DoaJC_Blogger offers bounty for best app name suggestion

DoaJC_Blogger1 has offered a bounty2 to whoever suggests the best name for a payment gateway app:

It’s supposed to be an easy business payment gateway like Square but for Monero. It would run on a PC, tablet, or Raspberry Pi and keep track of incoming and outgoing transactions and their cost bases and have an option to synchronize them with payment terminals at other locations.

To enter, post your XMR address and the name suggestion in the Reddit thread2.

Total Bounty: 0.389529448427 XMR (Nov 6, 2021)

  1. https://libreddit.de/user/DoaJC_Blogger 

  2. https://libreddit.de/r/Monero/comments/qnm7mw  2