30 Jan 2024 [dev]

detherminal releases libmonero v0.1.8

detherminal1 has just released version 0.1.8 of Rust Monero library libmonero2 with several improvements.

Changes overview

CryptoNight hash function cn_slow_hash added
Documentation refactored to docs.rs/libmonero
Integration tests and workflows added for better CI

The full changelog is available on Github3.

To learn more about libmonero, consult the official documentation4. To support the project, visit #monume:matrix.org5.

Note that libmonero is experimental and not audited yet. Use at your own risk.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

  1. https://github.com/detherminal/ 

  2. https://github.com/monumexyz/libmonero/releases/tag/v0.1.8 

  3. https://github.com/monumexyz/libmonero/compare/v0.1.7…v0.1.8 

  4. https://docs.rs/libmonero/latest/libmonero/ 

  5. https://matrix.to/#/#monume:matrix.org