30 Aug 2021 [culture]

CypherStack's relationship to Monero's core team is being questioned by the community

StableRare1 opened up a debate2 in which Cypher Stack3’s relationship to Monero’s core team, the General Fund, the community and the CCS process is being discussed:

What is this company’s relationship to Monero? Is it collaborative, antagonistic or just a neutral resource for hire? It does seem the Monero project completes with them on occasion for talent and they do work for alternate privacy crypto-projects such as FIRO [..]

[..] why do some researchers prefer to work through Cypher Stack instead of being funded via CCS process?

Diego rehrar Salazar4 is the founder5 of Cypher Stack. He had to step down from the core team due to controversy, as reported6 recently.

Monero Outreach’s geonic_7 slammed the company:

Their past behavior (referenced below) and continued attempts to poach talent before the community has a chance to fund them directly raises some questions about their professed motives and whether it is a good idea to insert a self-interested third party between the project and its contributors.

And concluded:

I do not plan to support any future proposals by them, regardless of who will be performing the work.

The community seems to agree that something doesn’t feel right:

Every time they come up they sound shady AF.8

If Diego or someone at Cypher Stack would like to comment and gets in touch, I will post it here.

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