28 Nov 2022 [CT] [guides]

CT-007: Monero view-only wallets

This is the 7th report in the Cypherpunk Transmission series.


Although private by default, Monero can be optionally transparent via its private viewkey system.

The best way to learn about that is by actually setting up a view-only XMR wallet.

In this guide we are going to peek inside the Monero General Fund donation address.


1. Get address and private view key

The GF base XMR address3 and the associated view key4 have always been public5, but if you want to test this with your own address instead, open your wallet and type in address and viewkey.

2. Create Monero view-only wallet

In a terminal:

monero-wallet-cli --generate-from-view-key general-fund

Note: replace ‘general-fund’ with the name you want for your wallet file; if connecting to a remote node, include the necessary flag --daemon-address <host:port>.

Paste in the address when prompted for Standard address:


And then the view key when prompted for View key:


After entering and confirming a password for the wallet, you should be asked to provide an optional restore height or date (format: YYYY-MM-DD). Press Enter if you want to get the full history.

You can start exploring after it fully syncs. Read the Cheat Sheet: Monero CLI Wallet6 guide to get familiar with the most common commands.


That’s it. You can now set up a Monero view-only wallet. Use it to validate incoming transactions to cold/hardware wallets, monitor incoming donations, and validate payments.


Let me know if you find this helpful and, depending on interest, I will do my best to post a new Cypherpunk Transmission report every (other?) Monday.

Questions, edits and suggestions are always appreciated @ /about/.


Credit goes to gnuteardrops from monero.graphics for the amazing xkcd graphic. Work and xkcd Script font licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0.

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