19 Jul 2022 [CCS]

CryptoMorpheus_ cancels Moneroj.net CCS proposal, deploys new charts and site improvements for free

CryptoMorpheus_1 has decided to cancel2 the Moneroj.net3 CCS proposal4, deploy most of the promised website improvements and new charts for free, and rely on direct XMR donations instead:

I’m delivering most of what I promised in my CCS proposal, and I just want some help from the community to keep me motivated to build more.5

Since the project will not be funded via the CCS, otherwise questionable content can also be included on the website, like darknet market metrics.


Read the full announcement post5 to learn more about this update.

To support CryptoMorpheus_’s work and keep the Moneroj.net project free for everyone, donate XMR to the address listed on the About10 page.

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