9 Nov 2021 [culture]

CryptoGrampy invites contributors to new Monero UX community channels

CryptoGrampy1 has invited2 contributors to the newly created Monero UX Matrix3/Discord4 community channels:

If you want to start getting more involved, want to help ideate/brainstorm/organize or want to start making real contributions, please hop in the channel and say hello. Newbs are welcome!

The channels aims to make Monero more accessible for everyone: beginners, merchants and developers.

  1. https://libreddit.de/user/CryptoGrampy 

  2. https://libreddit.de/r/Monero/comments/qq69ow 

  3. https://matrix.to/#/#monero-ux:monero.social 

  4. https://discord.gg/5pBt3rszZA