11 Feb 2022 [culture]

Crypt0-Bear releases new 'Make Crypto Scary Again' album for free on dark web

Monero artist Crypt0-Bear1 has released his newest album titled Make Crypto Scary Again. It is available to download2 for free on the dark web from the Milk Road3 anonymous marketplace:

Releasing my new album for free on the darkweb. Download Tor and go get yourself a copy4

Top [spoiler] tracks

The System
Out The Matrix 
VIP in the Gulag

The album will also be released on the clear web on the 25th of February:

I made this site so that I could offer free downloads for my existing fans, My new album “Make Crypto Scary Again” comes out on February 25th but I have uploaded it for free on the downloads page.5

Fans can opt to download the rapper’s older albums on The Monero Bay downloads6 page, such as The Orange Album and Bitcoin Yolo Rap.

It looks like7 he is also planning to start a crypto podcast that focuses on the cypherpunk ideals and episodes should be available over tor and possibly even i2p.

You can support Crypt0-Bear by donating to his XMR address (listed on the about5 page).

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