25 Nov 2021 [dev]

Creme-Exciting wants to clone Monero Core codebase into Kotlin native

Creme-Exciting1 wants2 to clone the official Monero Core codebase3 into Kotlin4 native, thus moving away from C++:

My main goals is to make the code shorter and easier to maintain, understand and read for a broader spectrum of people, which I think is the one of the goals of Monero in the first place.

I feel that C++ is not the most friendly language, and its benefits don’t largely outweight its difficulties as of today in 2021.

The community was quick to point out the scale of such a task, which is gargantuan and most probably best fitted for a team of developers.

rbrunner75 suggested a more humble beginning with Monero RPC for Kotlin:

Looks like there are no bindings yet for Monero RPC written in Kotlin. If you are still serious after having an overview of the codebase, maybe start with this project, which is probably almost 2 magnitudes smaller, to get some first technical knowledge about Monero?

The discussion is still ongoing, so if you want to contribute to this initiative, join the Reddit thread2.

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  3. https://github.com/monero-project/monero 

  4. https://kotlinlang.org/docs/native-overview.html 

  5. https://libredd.it/user/rbrunner7