27 Mar 2022 [services]

ChangeNOW adds XMR to NOW wallet

ChangeNOW1 has announced2 the addition of Monero to its NOW3 crypto wallet:

We’re excited to announce that NOW Wallet – a non-custodial wallet that doesn’t collect any personal data – supports @Monero now!

According to their ToS4, users can be KYC’d during the exchange process:

NOW Wallet’s third-party partner ChangeNOW reserve the right to verify User’s identity during the Exchange processes, according to their policy

The so-called non-custodial wallet doesn’t seem to be open source, as the source code for NOW cannot be presently found on their Github5.

Note: this is a centralized service and it can not respect your privacy. KYC measures will be enforced on its users. Use alternative Atomic Swaps/DEX/P2P exchanges/wallets instead, if possible.

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  3. https://walletnow.app/ 

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