27 Jan 2022 [wallets]

Cake Wallet brings back fixed exchange rates in v4.3.5 release

Cake Wallet1 has released version 4.3.52 with fixed exchange rates:

Cake Wallet 4.3.5 adds FIXED RATES, screen stay-awake while syncing, improved BTC/LTC addressing, and Polygon Unstoppable Domains!3


Added Fixed Rate for exchanges
Changed algorithm for choosing of change address for BTC and LTC electrum wallets
Changed algorithm for receive address generation for BTC and LTC electrum wallets
Keep screen awake while the synchronization function
Added Unstoppable dependencies upgrade to include support for Polygon (MATIC)
Added «random wallet name» generation button
Support for French and Italian languages for Monero seed restore
Change algorithm for discovery of user’s used addresses for wallet restoration
UI and app logic foxies

Justin Ehrenhofer4 has tweeted a short demo5:

Watch me pay a Bitcoin invoice with XMR using fixed rates in Cake Wallet!

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  2. https://github.com/cake-tech/cake_wallet/releases/tag/v4.3.5 

  3. https://libredd.it/se9u7f/ 

  4. https://nitter.net/JEhrenhofer 

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