4 Aug 2022 | Updated 18 Dec 2022 [services]

Cake Wallet launches 'Cake Pay' gift card marketplace

Cake Labs1 has launched Cake Pay2, a gift card marketplace which allows Cake Wallet3 and Monero.com4 app users to instantly purchase gift cards with XMR, BTC and LTC:

We are extremely excited to announce Cake Pay! Cake Pay is the largest update to Cake Wallet and Monero.com, ever.5


The marketplace was first announced in June 2022. Read the previous Monero Observer report6 for more details.

Note that not everyone in the Monero community is happy with Cake Pay and their current privacy policy7:

[..] I cannot support or endorse Cakepay (ArticMine)8

[..] users should at least be informed about their policies .. which they seem to try and drown under a sea of “sponsorships” (r4v3r23)9

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 22/8/5: Vik Sharma will introduce Cake Pay in the next Monerotopia episode on Sunday (Aug 7) at 11AM-EDT/5PM-CEST10.

Update 22/8/7: added link to Douglas Tuman’s short clip in which he uses Cake Pay IRL11.

Update 22/8/7: added notice, quotes, and links to Cake Pay privacy policy7 (thanks to r4v3r2312 for the news tip).

Update 22/8/16: Cake Pay users will also be required to provide an App ID along with an email13.

Update 22/12/18: service expanded to 140+ countries14.

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