3 Apr 2023 [wallets]

Cake Wallet and Monero.com users can now directly purchase XMR with fiat

Cake Labs1 has released Cake Wallet v4.6.2 and Monero.com v1.3.22 with support for direct XMR purchases with fiat (debit cards and other local payment methods) in most countries via Payfura3:

As a privacy first wallet we are excited to announce that we have added the ability to directly purchase Monero from inside the mobile app! This excludes USA for now and does require an ID.4

Changes overview

- Directly buy XMR with fiat in most countries (not USA for now, but you can buy BTC/LTC)
- Create invoices and donation links in the receive screen with Trocador AnonPay
- Bug fixes and minor app improvements

Consult the Github repository2 to verify and download the wallet APKs.

Note that Monero.com5 (iOS6, Android7) is a Monero-only wallet and Cake Wallet8 (iOS9, Android10) is a multi-coin wallet.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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