20 Mar 2023 [wallets]

Cake Labs releases Cake Wallet v4.6.1 and Monero.com v1.3.1

Cake Labs1 has released Cake Wallet v4.6.1 and Monero.com v1.3.12 with several bug fixes and improvements:

We’ve been working hard to fix bugs & improve experiences. Backup, nodes, and Trocador are smoother than ever! Now you can easily edit your nodes and finally, keep your seed phrase secure by generating a recovery QR code!3

Changes overview

Allow editing nodes
Generate seed restore QR code in settings
Bug fixes for backup, nodes, Trocador, and more

Consult the Github repository2 to verify and download the wallet APKs.

Note that Monero.com4 (iOS5, Android6) is a Monero-only wallet and Cake Wallet7 (iOS8, Android9) is a multi-coin wallet.

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