7 Mar 2023 | Updated 20 Mar 2023 [wallets]

Cake Wallet v4.6.0 and Monero.com v1.3.0 released with Trocador support and 'Tor-only mode'

Cake Labs1 has released Cake Wallet v4.6.0 and Monero.com v1.3.02 with support for Trocador.app3 and Tor-only mode:

We’ve added Trocador to the exchange! [..] As a privacy first wallet we are excited to announce Tor-only fiat API & exchange options are now available!

Changes overview

Add Trocador
Add Tor-only fiat API and exchange options
Bird Pay address lookups from pinned Tweet (in addition to bio)
Add confirmations to Monero/Haven transaction view
Added Indonesian, Czech, Urdu, and Bulgarian translations [..]

Cake is also planning to add Trocador’s AnonPay4 in a future update.

Consult the Github repository2 to verify and download the wallet APKs.

Note that Monero.com5 (iOS6, Android7) is a Monero-only wallet and Cake Wallet8 (iOS9, Android10) is a multi-coin wallet.

Update: fix release link.

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