14 Jun 2022 | Updated 15 Jun 2022 [culture]

Cake's Vik Sharma will not attend MoneroKon22, plans VIP ticket giveaway

Cake Labs1’s founder Vik Sharma2 will not attend3 the upcoming MoneroKon224 (18-19 June) event and is looking to give away his 2 personal VIP tickets to the top two winners of a Monero Trivia Night5 game:

Trivia is played live using Kahoot. You’ll need a phone or web browser to play. Most questions are multiple choice. You get more points for answering quickly!6

The trivia will be played at noon CT / 17 UTC and will cover Monero’s history, technology, and current events.

Read the announcement6 for more details and join tomorrow’s livestream4 to participate in the trivia.

Note that Cake Wallet7 is still one of the main sponsors of the event.

Update: winners announced8.

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