5 Jul 2024 [services]

busyboredom releases initial version of AcceptXMR-Server

busyboredom1 has released AcceptXMR v0.14.02 with a few API changes alongside the initial version (0.1.0)3 of the batteries-included Monero payment gateway4 built around it:

It’s been a long time coming, but AcceptXMR-Server (the standalone payment gateway) had its initial release last night5

This update completes the first milestone (Dockerize AcceptXMR) of busyboredom’s CCS proposal6 and the dev is currently working on implementing a wordpress plugin (M2).

Visit busyboredom.com7 to learn more about AcceptXMR and busyboredom’s other projects.

To support AcceptXMR development, you can transfer some XMR to the donation address listed at the bottom of the README.md file8.

Note that the library is ‘young and unproven’, use it at your own risk.