27 Aug 2021 [services]

dsmlegend reports rough BTC-XMR atomic swap experience but this time no funds are lost

dsmlegend1 reported2 an overall rough experience with his BTC-XMR atomic swap, pointing to a possible glitch in the tool:

I wait for 2 confs on the btc. Nothing. Wait until 10 confs - still nothing.

Thankfully this time the swap had a happy ending, with no funds lost in the process:

[..] all good in the end and I have my monero fair and square.

Even though some users are getting impatient with the reported swap errors, it’s only natural for a brand new software that is barely out of beta to not be perfect.

Considering the massive fundamental positive implications this could have for both XMR, BTC and the entire ecosystem, I believe it’s worth our patience.