20 Feb 2024 | Updated 2 Mar 2024 [bounties]

blockconomist proposes bounty for Monero OpenRPC specification

blockconomist1 has proposed a bounty2 for the creation of a Monero OpenRPC3 specification document:

Having such a document could facilitate e.g. specification driven development, interactive documentation, code generation (documentation / clients), and automation of test cases.

Total Bounty: 1 XMR (to date)

To start working on the project yourself, you should make your intentions public by posting a comment in the bounty’s thread.

To increase the bounty you can contribute some XMR to the bounty address posted by the Monero Bounties Bot2.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated if/when new information is available.

Update: assigned to SyntheticBird454.

  1. TBD 

  2. https://bounties.monero.social/posts/104  2

  3. https://open-rpc.org/ 

  4. https://github.com/SyntheticBird45/monero-open-rpc