21 Aug 2021 [mining]

Amazon Web Services takes down Monero Ocean mining pool's server

wheezybackports1 reported that the 12th biggest Monero mining pool, Monero Ocean2’s primary server has been suspended.

MO admin commented:

I think they are in the wrong in this situation. In summary I got a warning that I need to resolve some issues 5 days ago and inform them that it is done. I resolved them and informed them and still got this account services suspension. (Without warning before)

Although the service disruption might be temporary, CharcoalWhite’s reply3 seems to reflect what probably everyone in the community is thinking:

I think people should learn their lessons from others and NOBODY should ever use AWS. This isn’t the first website they’ve done it to

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  2. https://moneroocean.stream/, https://discord.com/invite/jXaR2kA 

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