24 Apr 2023 [services]

AnarkioCrypto launches 'Vendo Digital Downloads' XMR marketplace

AnarkioCrypto1 has launched Vendo Digital Downloads2, an experimental Monero marketplace for buying and selling digital products, without fees or KYC:

It is mainly a proof-of-concept for digital downloads, which uses TXID + TX key for non-custodial payment processing (sellers receive funds directly to their wallet) and uses auto-fulfillment so that buyers receive their download link, code or file immediately after payment is confirmed (sellers don’t need to process orders manually).3

Both Vendo and Kuno Fundraisers4 are based on old code from AnarkioCrypto’s Bitejo5 marketplace.

Vendo is open source and installation instructions are available on Codeberg6.

To learn more about Anarkio’s work and vision, visit his blog7.

Note that Vendo is not production-ready and it should be treated as ‘an experimental work in progress’.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.