7 Jul 2022 [culture]

anarkiocrypto creates inspiring Monero informational webpage

anarkiocrypto1 has created an inspiring Monero informational webpage2 which includes useful links to community resources and encourages new users to explore the ecosystem:

Monero doesn’t require any personal details, government ID or bank account, which makes Monero a uniquely private and financially inclusive payment method.

The full-stack web developer is also planning to create Monero tip bots for Mastodon, Lemmy, PeerTube, WriteFreely and Matrix and has offered to help merchants interested in XMR:

Want to accept Monero in your online or brick-and-mortar store? Feel free to message anarkio @ offtherecordmail.com for more info about how to accept private digital cash in your business.

  1. @anarkiocrypto:halogen.city (Matrix) 

  2. https://anarkio.codeberg.page/monero/