4 Feb 2022 [services]

Alagaris moves MoneroPot away from Njalla, refunds underway

Alagaris1 has successfully moved the MoneroPot2 raffle website to a new server and domain name3 as Njalla4 seemingly failed to restore services after last week’s disruption5:

My domain and server just seems to have disappeared. It’s still listed under my account but can’t do anything with it.6

January 2022 refunds are underway:

I have now moved the server to a new location.

I still don’t have access to the old server so I can’t easily re-apply your entries if you made one on January 2022. Please send me a contact us at https://moneropot.org for fastest refund with your txid, amount and monero address to send it to.

To learn more about the project, consult my previous report7.