27 Nov 2022 | Updated 30 Apr 2023 [CCS]

ajs-xmr submits CCS proposal to fund MoneroKon 2023

ajs-xmr1 has submitted a CCS proposal (draft)2 to fund the Monero Konferenco 20233 event, that should take place at La Fabrika4 in Prague, Czech Republic:

The total cost of the event is estimated to be around 164,000€. [..] The aim is to have at least the same number of participants as in Lisbon (200) with the capability to scale up to 400 attendees, around 30 speakers, and a number of workshops. [..] To take into account uncertainties [..] the CCS will be divided into 2 parts.

If the 554.47 XMR target is not met within 90 days of this CCS being merged, but the raised amount is more than 383.86 XMR, the funds would be committed for the Neuchâtel venue as an alternative to Prague.5

Total funding proposed: 383.86 (Neuchâtel) or 554.47 (Prague) (CCS#1).

ETA: 23-25 June 2023 (Prague) or 30 June-2 July 2023 (Neuchâtel).



GA 83%, VIP 15%, Students/Pensioners (SP) 2%

GA:  x333 (120€)
VIP:  x60 (240€)
SP:    x7 (free)

ajs-xmr, maintainer of XMR.radio6 and part of the organization team for the DefCon27 Monero Village7, will be the principal showrunner of the event, while Digital Renegades ApS8 will be used to contract with the venue, suppliers, and traditional payment processors.

To learn more, share your feedback, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !3622.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 22/11/29: binaryFate clarified that Digital Renegades ApS does not cost or charge anything9.

Update 22/12/12: ready for funding10.

Update 22/12/20: fully funded11.

Update 22/12/26: the volatility buffer has been (mostly) returned to the General Fund - (binaryFate)12.

Update 23/2/20: tickets now on sale13.

Update 23/4/18: preliminary schedule announced14.

Update 23/4/30: ajs published a Prague Travel Guide For Monerokon2315.

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