3 Oct 2023 [mining]

4rkal releases MoneroOS v0.3.7

4rkal1 has released version 0.3.72 of MoneroOS3, a live operating system for XMR miners:

Contains some quite cool new updates, including windows support, MoneroOcean support, P2Pool v3.7 and some additional small changes

The full changelog, sources, SHA256SUM and .asc files can be found on Github2.

The project is currently looking for Windows users that are able to test writting the ISO and follow the installation instructions4.

To support MoneroOS development, you can transfer some XMR to the donation address listed at the bottom of the README.md file5. Join #moneroOS6 on Matrix for support and feedback.

Note: if at all possible, inspect the source code and compile your own .img file7.

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  3. https://github.com/4rkal/MoneroOS 

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  5. https://github.com/4rkal/MoneroOS#donate 

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