4 Oct 2023 | Updated 8 Oct 2023 [CCS]

4rkal cancels CCS proposal to host and maintain Monero source code archive

4rkal1 has decided to cancel2 their CCS funding proposal3 to self-host and maintain a Gitea instance (onion)4 which mirrors the monero, monero-gui and monero-site repositories:

Since this proposal does not seem to be moving forward and since the community does not believe it is important enough to merge I will be closing this MR. Since I still believe this is vital to the monero community I will keep on hosting it. [..]

The proposal was discussed recently in a Monero Community Workgroup Meeting5.

4rkal was looking to raise 1.2 XMR for 1 year of hosting and maintenance.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: 4rkal opened a fundraiser for the project6.

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