2 Sep 2022 [culture]

Anon donates 2500 XMR to Monero General Fund

An anonymous contributor has donated 2500 XMR (~$381K USD)1 to the Monero General Fund address2.

plowsof’s monero-fund-watch3 Python script tweeted the donation alert:

💝 +2500. #xmr 💝 $381425.004

Some people in the community suspect that stillhuntingshorts5 is the benefactor.

The user joined Gitlab yesterday and posted a comment in moneromooo-monero’s monero-site #20136 PR just a few minutes after the transfer was completed:

We are Monero 888tNk…. +**.00897

The message quotes selsta’s post8:

There is no way the general fund has 300k-400k to buy a domain name. That’s like half the general fund.

Previously, Vik Sharma from Cake Labs suggested that he was open to selling the domain monero.com to the Monero core team9. Cake paid around $400,00010 for the monero.com domain.

Consult the previous Monero Observer report11 for more context on that story.

The Monero community is currently discussing this event in -community12 on IRC/Matrix.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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