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101 things Monero can buy

Note: this is a WiP.


Monero can be used to purchase a lot of stuff and not all of it is dark or questionable. People should be aware of that fact.


Monero can buy virtual private servers1, dedicated servers2, domain names3 and virtual private networks4.

Monero can buy t-shirts5, hoodies6, shorts7, hats8, bags9, mugs10, beanies11, flags12 and stickers13.

Monero can buy Faraday bags14, tactical gloves15, flashlights16 and electronic badges17.

Monero can buy books18 and jigsaw puzzles19.

Monero can buy phones20, tablets21 and bikes22.

Monero can buy website design services23, custom artwork24, translation services25, typing services26 and programming tutoring27.

Monero can buy confidential psychological counseling services28.

Monero can buy gold bars29 and Monero themed QR keychains30.

Monero can buy privacy and security consulting31 and sysadmin services32.

Monero can buy gift cards3334, prepaid SIM cards35 and real phone numbers36, postage37 and printing services38.

Monero can buy food39, wine40, beer41 and other products42.

Monero can buy plane tickets and rent hotel rooms43.

Monero can buy silver coins and other precious metals4445, watches and jewelry46.

Monero can buy essential oils47 and drug testing kits48.

Monero can buy paraguayan permanent residencies49.


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Can we get to 101?


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