24 Mar 2024 | Updated 28 Mar 2024 [culture]

Anon donates 100 XMR to Monero General Fund

An anonymous contributor has donated 100 XMR (~$14K USD)1 to the Monero General Fund address2.

plowsof’s monero-fund-watch3 Python script tweeted4 the donation alert a few hours ago:

💝 +100. #xmr 💝 $14063.00

A similar ~100 XMR donation was recorded in 2022 and it is interesting to note that its fiat value was also nearly the same (~14.5K)5.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 24/3/27: two additional GF donations worth 100 XMR (~13.8K USD) and 69.696969 XMR (~9.3K USD) were registered during the past 24 hours67.

Update 24/3/28: another 100 XMR (~13.6K USD) donation was recorded today8.

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